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Welcome to Attaway Arc 2

Email for more info about joining us & to join the Discord!

A New Era Approaches for our Intrepid Distillery Workers



After the defeat of a rival gang, the discovery of a hidden fifth patron of the city, and the declaration of temporary martial law by the Brightborough mayor, the residents of Attaway Still face their latest challenges-- keeping the brew flowing in a time of increased danger, learning what secrets this new patron holds, and fighting the corrupt Brightborough government.

  • Explore Attaway and the Brightborough area as a member of one of 5 "families" at the distillery

  • Workshop a character with staff that will become part of the forefront of events that will shape the world as they know it​

  • Experience a personal story that intertwines with the world narrative in a noblebright setting

2024 Dates

Spring 1: June 7-9 at Camp Denison, Georgetown MA


Reg opens May 20th @ noon, email to register!

Spring 2: July 19-21 at Camp Denison, Georgetown MA

Fall 1: Aug 31 “Election Day” One-day event at Friendship Lodge, Belmont MA

Fall 2: Nov 1-3 Arc Finale at Ye Olde Commons, Charlton MA


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