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Registration for Fall 1

Greetings Attaway!

Fall 1 is July 20-22

Fall 2 is TBD. More details will be forthcoming in a separate message soon!

Kindly note:

  • Registration will go live Saturday, June 9th at 12 noon

  • Admission for Fall 1 is $70

  • Admission must be paid ahead; we cannot take registrations at the door at this time.

  • If the timing or amount of admission fees represent a hardship, we have a Pay-What-You-Can program available to any player who needs it. Please contact

  • If you are currently on our pay-what-you-can admission list, please email us at to confirm you want to attend Fall 1 BEFORE registration opens Saturday June 9th

  • As with last season, admission is first come, first serve

  • New players will receive the character creation form shortly after registering.

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