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Season 1 Thank You & What to Expect for the Winter Event!

Hello all!

Thank you for making Season 1 of Attaway an incredible start to our story! We’re so glad that you love the world and the characters you’ve created to inhabit it. We’re all really excited to be able to continue to provide awesome experiences and a space for this wonderful community to grow.

Something about that community struck us as worth calling out specifically. Roughly half our player base identifies as women and about a third of our players identify somewhere along the LGBTQ+ acronym. We wanted to point this out to thank you, our players, for helping us push for games that are both accessible and comfortable for communities who are often underrepresented at LARPs. Attaway and Enkindle Storytelling want to continue to provide games that are safe, welcoming, and empowering so please continue to let us know how we can improve!

We’ll be posting a “Fitz’s Report” recap of Event 4 as soon as Staff finishes decompressing from our first season, and will be announcing some new initiatives going into the new year. Thank you very much for your patience during the off-season!

With all of that said, our first Winter Event will be here before we know it! Here’s what to expect.


This Amostide your characters have been invited to spend the holiday in High Town at a soiree to benefit the Brightborough Water Plant. The Peafowl Club, a High Town social club for wealthy philanthropists, is hosting a banquet for those displaced by the explosions across the lake. The first half of the event will feature dance instruction provided graciously by the High Town contingent of Attaway’s own Gilded Lantern, followed by a potluck dinner. The invitations your characters received say “Amostide costumes are optional, but your best attire is encouraged.”

This event will be held in the basement banquet hall at the Cambridge Masonic Hall.


Player info

From an out-of-game perspective, this event is intended to be a community-building event and in-game mixer, rather than a regular game. It’s a way to stay connected to the game world and socialize in-game during the off-season, to kick back with other players and have fun. As such, Staff will not be running a full arc of plot the way we would at an event during our regular season; we don’t plan to run a “full story” during the evening. However, we’ll be offering some smaller activities and you’ll see some of our face characters out and about! We welcome you to negotiate scenes with each other since this is a great opportunity for friendly gossip and intrigue.

For this event only, we are able to raise our cap to 45 players, since our space is significantly larger than the last time we used this location. If you’ve got a friend who’s on the fence about Attaway, this would be a great event to introduce them to the game world and community in a low-pressure environment!

As always, our Pay What You Can plan is available if the price of admission is a determining factor in your attendance. Please contact Staff ASAP prior to the event to learn more or confirm you would like to continue to use the Pay What You Can program.

As always, staff can be reached at!

Registration will be live on Sat. Dec. 8th at 12:00 noon


Volunteer Info

Just like Event 4, we will once again have a collection of NPC roles available to help flesh out the world of High Town elite’s citizenry. If you would like to NPC this event, please fill out the form below, and once staff has determined what roles we have, we’ll send you a reply. We can support a few more NPCs than our last event but we still need to keep our staff limited for indoor events. Because we have a fixed number of NPC slots, it’s possible we may not have enough roles for everyone. In that case, we would still love to have you with us in the Spring season! And don’t forget, if you’d still like to attend we have a higher player cap this event so we encourage you to consider playing this one through.

NPC Volunteers can send us their info here, and we'll be in touch once we start event planning!

If you have NPC'd in the past, we still need you to fill out the form for this event!


As always, staff can be reached at if you have any questions!

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