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An Announcement from the Directors!

Hi all!

The Attaway Directors recently sat down to what will hopefully be an annual Year-in-Review, and we wanted to share a really exciting outcome from that meeting.

As many of you know, Ryan C. has been our only Staff-Directed Player up to this point. It’s a role he created to help staff as both a go-to person on the field for questions, and as a liaison to check in with us on how things are going on the players’ side of things.

As many of you also know, Ryan recently welcomed an addition to his family! As the Attaway community in- and out-of-game continues to grow, and as schedules and lives become busier, we wanted to make sure we’re supporting everyone by recruiting some new Staff-Directed Players to share the responsibility.

In order to bring on new members to the Staff-Directed Player team, we as Directors had to quantify what qualities we’d like to see in an ideal candidate. In the interest of transparency, here is our list!

A Staff-Directed Player:

-- Is someone you might not know is a Staff-Directed Player unless you were told. They show ability to carry a position of authority with humility and subtlety.

-- Is someone who knows about and demonstrates both proactive and reactive play. They’re able to make & motivate narrative on their own as well as respond to plot hooks in a way that propels the narrative forward.

-- Has mastery of system. Our Staff-Directed Players need to know our system inside and out in order to answer player questions!

-- Doesn’t mind event-level spoilers. Staff may, on occasion, have to spoil some upcoming plot to fully prepare Staff-Directed Players for an upcoming event. Staff-Directed Players should be comfortable with this knowledge, and with playing through a scene where they may know what events are coming. (Staff-Directed Players do not learn meta-plot spoilers or gain any advantage in plot.)

-- Must play, or be willing to play, a character that is accessible to other characters and outgoing, so interactions with other players are able to smoothly move between in-game and out-of-game as necessary.

-- Must “Play to Lift” by identifying ways to make fellow players feel seen and encouraging others to follow suit.

-- Must typically attend full weekend events, and communicate with Staff in advance if they cannot attend.

In the future this role may have an open interview process, but for the short term, to ensure we have a team ready for our Spring season, Staff nominated three players we felt met these criteria.

We are DELIGHTED to say all three players accepted!

With that, we would like to introduce Kay W., Steve R., and Marie S. as our new Staff-Directed Players in-training!

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