Player Admission

Admission must be purchased in advance of the event you plan to attend, with a deadline of one week prior to the event for personal plot. We are a small organization and we cannot account for players or payments at the door for logistical and safety reasons. 

If you have cost concerns for any reason, please contact staff at to learn about our pay-what-you-can program. We are able to offer a small number of low and no cost admission spaces each event.

Player Signup Process:

Step 1: Purchase admission! Emails will go out in advance of registration day, with the date announcement posted on the facebook page

Step 2: If you are a new player, Staff will email you a character builder, and you will receive a housing survey before the event. If you are a returning player, you will receive a game on survey before the event.

Step 3: Attend the event! 

Admission is non-refundable

NPC Signup 


Fantastic! We'd love to have you. Email staff at or keep an eye on the facebook page  Staff will post a signup sheet. 

Signup is required for volunteers, since staff needs to know who's coming and how much food to provide!

Donation Requests

Attaway is a volunteer-run game, and relies on admission costs and donations. 

Donations will be reciprocated with 10 IMPs (in-game currency) per dollar.

Up to $50 can go towards a personal bonus for you; any donation bonuses beyond that value are passed on the whole player community in the form of themed event bonuses.

Bonuses are subject to 'heat limit' rules and cannot be banked or attributed to other players.

Other requests:​

  • L or XL jackets or vests