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We are Enkindle Storytelling.

Attaway is produced by Enkindle Storytelling: a group of like-minded LARPers and writers with three guiding principles:




Players are more important than the game. We write games that support players of many interests, and encourage compassionate play.

We encourage designers to build safety checkpoints into their games.

We want to tell stories, and to help you tell stories too. Our games use systems to support storytelling, not define it. 

After each event you should have a great story to tell-- whether it's about slain monsters, tense negotiations, or daring heists. 

We support storytelling that respects marginalized groups and want to offer a platform for new storytellers to find their footing. 

Our long term goal is to provide resources to support new game designers and encourage them to tell their stories.


We are open to cast swaps and encouraging greater community across New England LARPs that provide safe, inclusive spaces. 

Contact for more information.

We have staff exchanges or partnerships with the following organizations:

LARPing while Bleeding - LARP accessibility for people with periods

Witchwood (Red Feather Roleplaying)
Ongoing, fantasy-world LARP with a unique magic system and welcoming community

Port Katherine (Red Feather Roleplaying)
An Ongoing Aetherpunk adventure brought to you by the organization that created Witchwood

Geistwald (Be-Epic)
A fixed-arc game by Be-Epic set in a fantasy world inspired by the folklore of Eastern Europe in the 1600s.

Future Imperfect


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