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Player Resources

Everything you need to start playing Attaway LARP!

Our rulebooks are searchable google documents and can be downloaded as .pdfs

**Our Alternate Font Rulebooks are larger and spaced wider, with a typeface that we understand to be more legible to dyslexic readers. If there are additional accommodations that would help, please let us know!


The policies document outlines our intentions, game logistics, anti harassment & PvP policies, and other extremely important information about your experience at Attaway LARP


Our Lore book contains everything you'll need to know about Attaway and Brightborough. 


Printed copies will be available soon!

Lore Document
Lore- Alternate Font
Lore Print Version-Coming Soon!


How to build a character, use skills, heal wounds, and spar verbally and physically within the Attaway System.


While all of the market and crafting actions in game will happen during game play hours, ​the contents of the resources you'll have on site are available here for reference.