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The directorial staff is responsible for the nuts and bolts of Attaway LARP, as well as plot writing and running. We're your main contacts for questions related to logistics, systems, plot, and the game itself.




Simon is an award-winning tabletop RPG designer and LARPwright. He comes to the Attaway team with over a decade of experience writing, designing, and directing LARPs in the Greater Boston area. His credits include co-creator and game director for the locally-acclaimed LARP Second Dawn, as well as narrative designer, systems designer, and senior staff member for the ARG/LARP hybrid Lacuna Cathect. A lifelong gamer and storyteller, Simon uses his background in theater, education, and social justice to create narrative-driven games that confront contemporary social and cultural issues, and subvert genre tropes through sci-fi/fantasy lenses. Outside of Attaway, Simon writes his own RPGs and for companies like Magpie Games, working on titles like Root: the RPG and Avatar Legends.

Systems and Lore Writer, Director

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BRITTANY S (She/Her/Hers)

Brittany is a LARPwright, game designer, puppeteer, illustrator and jack of many other trades with over a decade of LARP experience in a variety of styles. She has produced art and designs for several RPG and LARP rulebooks, as well as puppets, costumes, sets, and props for both professional theatre and LARP ventures. She was on the writing staff for the final two years Second Dawn LARP, where she met the wonderful and extremely talented staff who join her in bringing Attaway to life. 

Lore Writer, Designer, Director, Puppet Wrangler, Enkindle Administrative Contact

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MEG H (She/Her/Hers)

Meg joins us from Second Dawn LARP, where her well-beloved PC Natasha set the bar for "number of heads stored in jars," and simultaneously pioneered the well-recieved end-of-game decompression circle for Second Dawn Players. Meg has been LARPing for over 10 years, but this is her first time directing a LARP. She combines her degrees in psychology with her love of all things strange to shape her role playing experience. She is grateful for the opportunity to finally make weird and wonderful things for others. She lives in a swamp with her husband and two dogs.

Lore Writer, Director

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AMANDA J (She/Her/Hers)

Amanda is a local cryptid who likes to serve up both delicious food and writing. She has over a decade of larp experience as a player, writer/staffer for Steam and Cinders 2, a Director for Attaway, as well as many years of experience running tabletop games. She brings with her a love of literature, SFX makeup, costuming, prop building to the team, to help build the worlds of Enkindle Storytelling. When she is not indulging in larp endeavors, she is rumored to be lost in her books.

Lore Writer,  Director, Kitchen Director/Witch



The directors can't do it all on our own. Our fantastic writing staff brings you the best, brightest, and most devious minds this side of Brightborough for all your personal plot needs. 


Bio Coming Soon!

Dave C

A man of mystery and intrigue, Dave provides us with capers and investigations.

Plot Writer

Peter C

Peter has been larping for 7 years, starting with theater style larping. He's helped NPC several larps and is excited to start writing plots to bring the story of Attaway to life. He is also excited to bring his crafting and costuming skills to help make Attaway an experience that everyone will enjoy

Plot Writer

Caitlin K

Caitlin has been LARPing for five and a half years, all on staff side. Past and current games include Second Dawn and Keystone LARP. She has no prior experience creating props and stuff, but does anyway, which seems to work out for her (for instance, some amazing edible intestines props!) She hopes to help write great plots and make interesting (and perhaps bizarre) things for Attaway. (She also makes the best cookies this side of Brightborough!)

Plot Writer

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Staff Directed players help Attaway's team organize and can help you answer questions on the field! 


Bio coming soon!

Staff Directed Player


Bio coming soon!

Staff Directed Player

Ryan C

Ryan has been working with the directors to help develop Attaway's game design and takes particular pride in the crafting economy. He has, however, willfully remained ignorant of the plot, in order to be able to join the game in 2018 as a Directed PC. He greatly looks forward to haggling with you in game.

Directed PC, Systems Writer

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