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Event Logistics

This is a rundown of what you can expect out of a regular weekend event for Attaway.


Friday Night


  • For Staff, as early as 3pm to help with set up.

  • For Players, you can begin arriving as early as 5:00pm. If you need an earlier arrival time, please email staff!

Check In

  • Check in begins at 6:00 pm. Please come to the tent at the main lodge to check in.

  • Check in does not need to be in-costume.

  • Please bring any props or boffer/nerf that need to be safety checked.

Opening Meeting 

  • Game on meeting will start at 8 pm, or as close to it as possible.

  • We will go over rules, safety mechanics, and anything of note for the weekend.

  • Game on mod groups will be broken off from the meeting with the relevant staffers running the game on mod.


Late Check In - after 9:00 pm 

  • Please come to Staff Center to check in with staff. This is the main large building in the center of Camp Dennison.

  • We will assist you when a director is available to check you in.



We respect a Softstop and a Hardstop at Attaway. We want to make sure that we all get a good night's rest so that we can continue to run a great experience for you during gameplay hours.


Soft stop is at 1:00 am, Hardstop is at 2:00 am.

Game on is generally around 9:00 am with Breakfast, and when plot and staff will be sent out specifically.If you wake up earlier and wish to soft-start before this time, this is welcome. Plot will not be sent out before breakfast..


  • 8:30 pm - 1:00 am Softstop

  • 2:00 am Saturday Hard Stop


  • 9:00 am - 1:00 am Softstop

  • 2:00 am Sunday Hard Stop


  • 9:00 am - 1:00pm Hard Stop



  • Game-off will take place directly after game. We will go over how to check out, clean the site, etc.

  • Game-pitches for community games will be done either here, or on the Discord after game, depending on time, weather, etc.


  • We do need to clean the campsite to leave it how we found it, or better. In that effort, we do ask that people volunteer to help staff with cleanup.

  • If you do help stay to clean up, we will keep track of volunteers. Players who assist will be rewarded with extra IMPs (in-game currency) and resources the following event.

  • We do a pizza picnic during clean up time for those who stay to clean up.

Registration and Costs


Cost for a full weekend event is $80. Registration will be announces at least 2 weeks in advance of an event.

Once you register, you will be sent a PayPal link to pay the registration cost.

This includes food:

  • Saturday - Breakfast

  • Saturday - Light Lunch

  • Saturday  - Dinner 

  • Sunday  - Breakfast

Staff and NPCs

There is no cost to cast at game currently. Meals are included.

We do ask that you register with the NPC form to let us know you are coming, and what days, so we can plan the event schedule appropriately. We cannot accommodate everyone  who would like to staff at this time based on space for sleeping, and indoor Covid concerns.

Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC)

We do have a Pay-What-you-Can program for those who find the registration cost to be a hardship.


The Payapal link used in registration can also be used to make a donation to the PWYC program We do ask that you let us know by email that you have paid into it, or if you need to use the program. 

Keeping the community supported is always the goal here! We want to make sure that you can continue to play with us even if you are in a hard spot.

Radios at Attaway

On Radios

Our player radio station is 3. Staff will use a different channel for logistic purposes.

Please respect the Radio Rules and Safety as noted in the Policies document, and call "Over" when you are finished speaking.


Camp Dennison

The website for the camp is here:


Camp Denison Conservation Area is located at 84 Nelson Street, Georgetown, MA.


Traveling on Route 95 North or South, take exit 76 (Route 97 North towards Georgetown). Stay on Route 97 for two miles. Turn left onto Nelson Street and continue for 3/10 of a mile. Camp Denison is on the left. The driveway is about 3/10 of a mile long.


After turning off Nelson Street onto the entrance road, you’ll go about two-tenths of a mile to a large parking lot on the left (used for large events) - go through the open gate and park in the field.


 Just up the entrance road from the large parking lot is a smaller lot on the right. The small parking lot holds a limited number of cars


The main Lodge can be accessed either by following the entrance road or taking a marked trail from the front of the lot.

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