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Enkindle Values: People First

One of our core tenets is "People first." You may have played under a permutation of the "be cool" or "don't be a d---" rule in games before, but here's why we say "people first:"

Trust and Communication are key.

Trust is developed and maintained when we remember that above all else, there are real people with real-world emotions behind our characters.

You can be more free to enjoy your game, and play a scene to its fullest, if you know you can trust everyone around you.

Sometimes, this means scaffolding an intense scene ahead of time. Sometimes it means hopping out of game quickly to negotiate consent. Sometimes it will mean a ping from a staffer asking if a kind of plot is okay for you. It only takes a second to make sure the scene is awesome for everyone involved.

You should maintain your agency as a player-- even in dire situations.

We don't believe in shock value. Some plots will be surprising, of course, but things like intentionally emotionally intense plot, character death, or other high-stakes moments should come with enough lead time for you to decide how you want to drive your story.

We are fans of your characters & we don't joke about TPK (total player/party kill).

We want you to feel safe to explore your character's story, and see it end in a satisfying way, and we don't make light of ending the hard work players put in to fleshing out characters for us to be fans of. That isn't to say you're immortal-- there's only so many times someone can survive surgery-- but we don't have a death call in this game! If you decide you want your character to go out in a blaze of glory, it's up to you to make that call.

We believe in compassionate play.

If, for any reason, you ever feel unsafe or feel another person is in violation of game policies, please speak to a director as soon as possible, or submit an anonymous report through the resources page on our site.

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