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  • Brittany S & The Director Team

Run Coordination & Fitz’s Report

Hello, All!

We’ve heard lots of feedback regarding difficulties coordinating groups to go on runs, so we’re making the following changes this event:

**The RUN SCHEDULE will be available to all players, and we’ll print a few more copies this time around. You can reference this in-game, but Staff will treat these papers as out of game. No NPC will comment on these papers and there is no need to hide them, even from Virginia.

**RUN BOARDS will be available in the community house for each family, as a way to make sure everyone gets firsts before secondsies, and so on. When you go on or get back from your run, leave a check next to your name on the board! You can reference these ingame, but Staff will treat these as out of game. No NPC will comment on these board and there is no need to hide them.

**The CAP OF PLAYERS ON EACH RUN will be noted in the run schedule. We are going to adhere strictly to these number caps, as they help us to balance out encounters and provide a better experience. We know this sometimes means hearing “This run is full, try the next one,” and that’s not always fun, but we hope that in combination with the run boards to track who has gone already, this will be a much easier way to manage the experience for everyone involved.

**Some personal plots may include space for the person to bring a buddy along. It’s OK to ask Staff to clarify if being the buddy counts toward your run count. (Going on your own personal plot does not.) Mileage may vary based on what that encounter is, and Staff reserves the right to use their best judgment to determine this. Also, if this option is available to you for your personal plot, consider bringing someone along you don’t know as well! It can be a great bonding experience with your new friends.

Additionally, Staff would like to clarify the intent of items vs. having a family member available.

Despite the fact that items can be used to substitute the presence of a family member on a run in a pinch, it is ALWAYS preferable to include a member of that family with you if they have not been on a run yet, and the presence of items should not be used as a reason to exclude a family from an excursion.

Additionally, please remember that while Tinkers can certainly be tanky, Gifted can certainly sometimes throw fire, and Brewers can basically always get high and deadlift horses, everyone has an equal right to participate in combat modules, especially given how many items are available to make this possible. With the exception of family-specific excursions (which will be clarified by Staff), you will always be better off bringing a diverse group of Attaway residents to an encounter.

-- The Director Team


Fitz’s Report

Chief of Police’s Tolerance:

Chief Noles seems appeased by our offer to repay the debt we’ve accrued, and to move forward at a rate of 3,000 IMPs/Season. As long as we keep things quiet, we should be alright.

Wildehall Activity:

Activity seems to be beginning to settle. We should continue our work clearing the contaminated site.

Lightfoot Sightings:

The “Leshy” has kept its promise and we have not seen any scouts near our territory.


If anything, this Green Gala was a reminder that our home is not only the wood and shingle shelters that we build, but also the world around them.

We’re learning about the effects of the Bad Brew spill on the nature of the Wildehall, and that one creature’s pollution is another’s delight. (Would anyone like to explain to me why a troll is trying to extort me for money as I walk outside to the latrines from my office?)

A creature called the Leshy corrupted by the Bad Brew turned the forest against us. We freed it, cured it of its ailments with the help of Granny Bones, and fought alongside to protect it as it rerooted itself in the forest. In return it has been providing us some temporary protection from the Lightfoot Gang.

We can’t depend upon the trees to shelter us forever, though - we must act on the intel we received to take care of the threat as soon as possible. A pair of tinkers from the 6th district patrols - one of whom was a Lantern Shed watcher, and another who goes by Jin - will be helping us coordinate a plan to strike the Camp on Slag river, which we learned about from a map dropped by Ingrid in a gunfight near the Lantern Shed last month.

Aerie, Vivian, and the other speakeasy owners are also eager to make a deal for the good of the speakeasy network within the city. This could be our chance to truly show those who pull the strings that Attaway is just as much businessfolk as we are scientists and thieves.

A question remains about the payments owed to the Chief of Police. Even I didn’t know Viktor was footing the bill for our protection, so it comes as a surprise to all of us. Hopefully we can sit him down long enough to get to the bottom of this.


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