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Fitz's Report from Fluxtide

Fitz’s Report

Chief of Police’s Tolerance: Well, we accused her of not keeping her office in order in front of her secretary, so we probably aren’t on the best foot personally. Professionally, I’d say after the incident at the meeting of the speakeasies, we’re probably on the best footing we’ve ever been on to have leverage against her.

Wildehall Activity: Turns out some creatures weren’t from the Wildehall after all - some recent events have indicated that some Gifted are transforming into creatures that could very well have been born in the depths of the forests. Our teams are continuing to investigate what this means, if our Gifted are safe, and what can be done.

Lightfoot Sightings: We managed to clear out the first of three Lightfoot encampments, and did so mostly safely too. It’s unlikely things will continue to be that easy and we should keep on our guard.

Fluxday Report:

Flux was in full swing this weekend and we felt their message of creation and entropy all around us.

We were able to coordinate Attaway Trust, an organization of speakeasies and Brew providers that aims to put a stamp of quality and safety on the Brew we produce. This was a long time coming and every family should feel proud of our accomplishments. Uniting the speakeasies is quite a feat and we should take care to maintain those relationships. The police raid wasn’t exactly expected, but hey - we can turn the charm on when we need to and they won’t be saying nothin’.

We sat at the table of the big leagues in Brightborough and helped negotiate the carving up of territory. If Viktor wants us to pay back his debts then we deserve to sit beside him. We’ve got a lot to prove but I think we’re up to the challenge.

We were able to systematically and safely clear out one of the Lightfoot encampments that was threatening Low Town, and can now move deeper into the 6th District to try and strike at the heart of their operation. Next up: the factory, a tall, tangled mass of a building with very few ways to see inside.

And finally, we said goodbye to some of our friends. Some people come to Attaway in search of something: themselves, a friend, a good drink, or the passage of time. Sometimes they leave with a celebration and sometimes they leave without warning. It can hurt, and sometimes we don’t get a chance to get answers to our questions before they leave that hole in our hearts. With the word of Attaway Trust going out into Brightborough and the spectre of Ingrid’s Stronghold looming, we’ll see new faces join our cause, and old friends step away as our lives become more dangerous. We welcome all who join us, we miss all who leave us, and we are all the heart that beats in Attaway.

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