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Fitz's Report: Winter (Amostide and Kulvirstide)

Fitz’s Report, Winter:

Chief of Police’s Tolerance:

Lowering after the disruption at Amostide and attention drawn to the still via the fire. I scheduled an appointment with Virginia to see how we can mend things.

Wildehall Activity:

A watch has been set up for our construction crews. Wendigo sightings have been lower as of late, but a different kind of growling has been heard around the woods recently. Are our woes over or has something else taken its place?

Number of Strongly Worded Letters Received by High Towners:

10 and counting, with one petition from a “concerned residents” coalition.


In true Attaway fashion, we handled this unfortunate break in production with courage and and strength.

Also in true Attaway fashion, we’re about as graceful as a troll in a tea shop when it comes to our interactions with the upper crust.

High Town has been scandalized by the announcements of both a new theme park and a Gifted school at a gathering of the Peafowl Club, unbeknownst and unplanned by the Peafowl representatives. Investors are scrambling to figure out how they hadn’t heard of the “WonderLand” endeavor and which companies it ties back to, hoping to get their share of this surprising new opportunity. That’s good for us, if we can keep the goods behind it hush-hush.

A “concerned residents” coalition has started to petition the High Town representative to build the purported Gifted school anywhere other than in High Town, or Low Town, the Central District, the Factory District, the Wharves, or anywhere near the city, frankly. While I’m sure the parties responsible no doubt have plans, we must be cautious as this will end up drawing more attention to our facility.

Perhaps it’s time to expand our cover story beyond the water treatment facade.

Amostide came and went, mercifully without any visits from our Patron of death and obligation. However as a renewed oath to the community, I pledge to be slightly less terrible about reporting in a timely manner and to keep the work flowing once we are back up and running.

A sighting of Kulvir in Low Town this winter is a good omen indeed, and it seems many hearts have begun to heal. Hopefully the warm weather will heal the rampant illness in Low Town as well.

We cannot forget that the threat of the Lightfoot gang looms, though. Ingrid’s minions have been harassing our Low Town comrades and there is still the matter of flushing bad Brew from the system. Gathering the speakeasy owners together seems to have stalled out in all the hubub, and it is my hope we can reignite this initiative to keep our livelihood and customers safe.

This Green Gala, aptly, will be an opportunity to heal and celebrate regaining what we lost, but once we’re settled back in the real work will begin.

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