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Enkindle Values: Narrative Driven

As you can probably tell by our name, the staff of Enkindle Storytelling loves to tell stories.

Everyone on our staff is a writer, designer, or creator in some form, and we have built our skills to help you tell your story, rather than define it.

You're more than the sum of your build points.

Who is your character? What are their hopes and dreams? What are they running from? What would they do for love, or brew, or 1000 IMPs?

Use skills to tell a story

Are you a bare-knuckle boxer who tends wounds for your fellow fighters? Perhaps you are a grower, and dabble in pugilist.

Are you a high towner with a secret to hide? Maybe your Songbird gift kept you out of trouble enough for no one to notice all the weird things happening around you.

What do the skills you've chosen say about your character? Are they scrappy and defensive by nature? Or a suave politico? When you're picking your skills, try to keep your character in mind.

Use sidelines to get in on the action

Sidelines come in three flavors: Trained, Focused, and Defining. These correspond to easy to obtain skills, uncommon abilities, and story-defining traits.

If you're looking to be a formidable socialite, want to try your hand at being a private eye or a silver screen star, or want to step down a dangerous path few will tread, give the sidelines some thought!

Having trouble coming up with ideas?

Some of the best characters come from picking an archetype, and playing to it. If you're looking for an idea, think about your favorite characters in books and movies. A lot of these characters fall into easy to classify categories-- some are the fearless hero, some are the hard-boiled detectives with shady pasts, and some are the outcast with nothing to lose-- or one of many many more archetypes you can try on for size.

We'll share more character ideas and inspiration as time goes on!

Got a cool character concept? Share with us on Facebook or Slack!

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