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The Patrons: Gilded Frida

Gilded Frida

The Golden Lady, Lady Luck

Favored District: High Town

Paradigm: Fortune & Folly

Season: Spring

Gilded Frida watches over High Town, her golden skin and fine fashions a reflection of the district’s opulence. She moves through the city like a clockwork doll, emanating the smell of flowers a nd the faint copper scent of blood wherever she goes. Her season is Spring for its burst of renewal, with the awareness that a snap frost might still occur to halt growth.

Frida brings good fortune and good health to her faithful, and can take it all away as quickly as she gives it. She’s been known to grant a poor citizen a string of financial gains with a touch, and has appeared in operating theaters to guide the hands of surgeons in dire need of assistance.

At Attaway, her worshippers are greatest among the Growers because of her incredible medical powers, seconded only by Runners looking to land a big score.


There’s a Runner in the back room of a bar, leaning back in her chair with a hand of cards. She’s just wagered for some very valuable information in exchange for a pile of IMPs. She doesn’t care how much cash she’s laid on the table. She gently runs her fingers across the golden rose pin on her lapel, recites a small prayer to Frida in her head, and knows the next card she draws will win it all.

There’s a Grower sitting at the bedside of his partner, beads of sweat dripping down his brow. His partner’s sick, bitten by some kind of animal out in the Wildehalls, and the wound’s infected. He thinks back to an old family remedy he’s never tried before, starts assembling the tools and ingredients. He prays to Gilded Frida for her guidance and hopes that she’ll lend her aid to the success of the treatment…

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