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  • Simon Moody

The Patrons: Morgan Flux

Morgan Flux

Favored District: Factory

Paradigm: Innovation & Entropy

Season: Summer

Morgan Flux is the embodiment of change, always in transition, never appearing as quite the same being. They have no gender nor clear ethnic origin, but always appear as a stunning melding of human features and machinery.

They are the Patron of new ideas and innovations, sparking inspiration in their faithful. It’s common practice to bring new inventions to Morgan’s church in the Factory District, the Crucible, which serves as a place of worship, workshop, and library. With every new creation, something else becomes obsolete, so Flux also holds sway over entropy and ruin.

At Attaway, Morgan Flux is considered the Patron of the Brewers and the Tinkers; both families regularly invoke Morgan’s name as they distill new Brews and build new machines to help keep the Still running.


There’s a Gifted hiding in the shadows of alley in Low Town, listening for the footsteps of the gangsters chasing after them. She’s panting, sweat beading on her forehead, running potential escape routes through her head, wishing her Gift wasn’t just being able to talk to animals in the Wildehalls like some kind of fairytale princess. She’s leaning back against the rain-slick concrete wall, ready to just give in, when she notices she can see through her hands. She squints, focuses her energy, and fades away to nothing. The gangsters round the corner to find nothing but a bunch of dumpsters. The Gifted laughs to herself as she sneaks past them, thanking Morgan Flux for the sudden growth of her powers.

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