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The Patrons: Kulvir the Host

Kulvir the Host

The Host, The Rat King

Favored District: Low Town

Paradigm: Community & Alienation

Season: Winter

Kulvir the Host skitters through Low Town, bringing the power of community with him. He appears most commonly as a large humanoid with a rat head, dressed in swatches of fabric from dozens of different cultures. He is also known to travel the city as a swarm of rats, insects, or other vermin, and anyone witnessing such a sight is sure to keep it at a respectful distance.

Kulvir’s portfolio is the dual nature of a tight-knit community: the warmth and love shown between friends and neighbours, and the caution and fear shown to outsiders. In the years since the Great War, Brightborough’s residents believe Kulvir helps bring them together while protecting them from threats from other city-states (especially Volistead).

At Attaway, Kulvir is most commonly praised amongst the Tinkers and the Gifted. More adventurous Tinkers call on his associated powers of stealth to keep them safe as they hunt for salvage in the remains of the 6th District. Some Gifted pay tribute to Kulvir for aid in finding a home free from judgement and fear, a place like Attaway; they pray for a day to come when Brightborough might become that place too.


There’s a Grower dressed in trinkets and charms to Kulvir the Host, walking among the tables and chairs set outside for community dinner. He stops to sit with every community member, listening to stories of their workday and what’s troubling them. His smile never dims as he listens intently, asking questions and laughing with his peers. He makes sure to tell everyone what a gift they are to Attaway, how the Still and the community would not be the same without their contributions.

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