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What to Watch: Attaway

Looking for something to watch, play or read this rainy and foggy winter weekend?

Check out part of staff's list of influences!

Kung Fu Hustle


Great for: Brawlers, Gifted, Low town (atmosphere of the poor section of town), Brightborough Center (town scenes)

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

TV Series (On Netflix)

Great for: Detectives, General Atmosphere, Fearless leader and sidekick

The Great Gatsby

Book, Various Movies

Great for: Hightown Atmosphere

Lackadaisy Cats

Web Comic

Great for: Runners, Brewers, Atmosphere

BioShock series

Video games

Great for: Atmosphere, Brightborough, gifted, Brews

Dishonored series

Video games

Great for: Atmosphere, gifts

Prohibition (Ken Burns)

Documentary (On Netflix)

Great for: Atmosphere and context, historical reference

Modern Times


Great for: atmosphere, runners, background:vagrant, Brightborough

Z: The Beginning of Everything

Miniseries (Amazon Prime Video)

Great for: Complex feelings about the opulence of the Jazz age, High Town

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