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  • Brittany S and Ryan C


Everyone loves a good card game, and Election is played everywhere from the seediest speakeasies of the Wharves to the marble countertops of High Town! Since there are so few cards, people make their own decks and take pride in having newfangled photos and unique art on their personal deck.

If you're familiar with the modern card game Coup, Election will feel very familiar! It was adapted for Attaway's themes by Ryan C. Rules and regulations are below!



Players: 2-6

Objective: To be the only player with any Influence cards left.

Set-up: Shuffle the Influence deck and deal two to each player. Players should look at their cards but keep them hidden from everyone else.

Each player takes two tokens from the bank as their starting wealth.

Cards: There are five different characters in the Influence deck (three copies of each character). Each of the five characters has one or more special abilities.

Gameplay: On your turn, you will take one action-- either by playing a card or by taking a basic action, listed below.

Basic Actions

  • Income: Take 1 token from the Bank. Cannot be Challenged or Blocked.

  • Fundraise: Take 2 tokens from the Bank. Cannot be Challenged, but can be Blocked by the Councillor

  • Election: Pay 7 tokens. Force a player to give up an Influence card (they choose). Cannot be Challenged or Blocked. If you start your turn with 10+ tokens, you must take this action.

Blocking: If another player takes an action that can be Blocked, any other player may Block it by claiming to have the proper character on one of their Influence cards. The acting player cannot perform the action and takes no other action this turn. The acting player MAY choose to Challenge the Blocking player. If they win the Challenge, the action goes through as normal.

Challenge: When the acting player declares their action, any other player may Challenge their right to take the action. They are saying “I don't believe you have the proper character to do that.” The acting player now must prove they have the power to take the action or lose the Challenge. If they have the right character, they reveal it and place the revealed card back in the deck. They then shuffle the deck and draw a new card. The Challenging player has lost the Challenge. If they do NOT have the proper character, they lose the Challenge.

Losing a Challenge: Any player who loses a Challenge must turn one of their Influence cards face up for all to see. If that is their last Influence card, they are out of the game.

Losing Influence: Any time a player loses an Influence card, THEY choose which of their cards to reveal.

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