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The Marked Card

We know trying to remember a new system can be tricky, and I'll bet almost all of us have made our own cheat-sheets to have on us at a new game at one point or another!

At Attaway, your cheat-sheet is made for you-- your MARKED CARD will be in your player bag for your first event.

From the Rulebook:

"The Marked Card

You will be given your “marked card” at your first event. On this card you will write your current HP number in the top left corner, and your character name or initials on the bottom right. Also on this card is a handy cheat sheet for the life/death system.

When you experience a surgery or intervention, you will punch a hole in your marked card to track the number of surgeries you have sustained.

This card both does and doesn’t exist in the in game world. “How marked is your card” is a common euphemism for “how much time do you have left”, and actual playing cards were punched during the Great War to show how many times a soldier was brought back from a rough state. You can choose if the marked card is a metaphor or real to your character, but use them to track your surgeries, so gifted players can stack your surgery & intervention deck correctly!"

A handy guide to life and death!

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