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E1 Player Surveys and Fitz’s Report!

Thank you all for an awesome event 1! It’s so nice to finally meet (almost!) everyone and put names to faces to characters.

We’re excited to hear your feedback and where you want to take your stories next! Before we send out the feedback survey, there’s a couple things we want to note based on what we’ve heard so far.

  • We’ve heard a lot of feedback that the site layout worked better than expected, despite being an emergency configuration. We’re willing to keep this layout and try it again in May when it’s warmer too! We will also have more plot going out in the direction of the field and the Gilded Lantern at that time, so the site will feel a bit larger and the cabins will feel more centrally located.

  • 5 and 50 IMP notes are in production as we speak! You will no longer have to beat a guy up and then ask him for change for a 100 to not tell anyone. (You still can. You do you.)

  • We’ve heard feedback that players want a little more time after the rolling Game Off modules to both process information as a community in-game and wrap up market transactions. We agree! Rolling Game Off was an experiment we’d like to continue, since it allows us to run more focused experiences and allow more players to feel like the stars of various situations that will unfold. We’re working on a way to bring everyone together afterward that feels engaging and satisfying, and still makes sense in-game.

  • Your player feedback form does not include space for your character’s actions between games. This is intentional! We’ll have another survey open a few weeks before the next event with options that will help inform us on how you’d like to begin your character’s story next event.

For this festival weekend, and many to come, Fitz has filed a report in the Attaway Runners’ dispatch office:

Green Gala Weekend Report

Charlie Fitzroy, Reporting Dispatcher

Days Since Last Injury: 0

Public Perception of Brew: Mixed opinions with speakeasy attendance up; quality concerns have not yet made it to the general population

Public Perception of Gifted: Recent incidents have some Brightborough citizens on edge, but good PR from peaceful resolution of a hostage situation involving Gifted

Police Chief’s Tolerance of Attaway’s Existence: High

Wildehall Activity: Activity seems to be up; reports of Wendigo attacks, Werewolf sightings, Kelpies, Trolls, and other assorted creatures this week


Once again I find myself the only dispatcher on a festival weekend (Salt you all, no one reads these anyway) but our new crew of up-and-coming Runners in the North Warrens seem to have things solidly under control from a coordination perspective.

The festival of Frida was presided over by a priest in the basement of Frida’s temple, and our residents did a lovely job standing in for professionals. (Should we start our own theatre troupe too?) The lady of the hour made an appearance herself, which was an honor to behold, and from there we returned to our daily business. She would appear later to lead followers to a metal tablet bearing cryptic glyphs representing what we assume to be the 5 patrons-- and perhaps a 6th?! Frida offered little in the way of detail before disappearing again.

Creature sightings have been ramping up in recent weeks and our Growers and Gifted found evidence of horrendous wendigo attacks. Coupled with some reports of Gifted (not any of ours!) causing a deadly ruckus in the city, it’s understandable everyone is a bit on edge. Rosie DID provide us with chocolate cake, though, which seemed to calm some nerves (if only for a moment).

Reports have been coming in of bad quality brew - REAL bad stuff - and everyone was up to the task of “quality checks” on local distilleries. Unfortunately it seems as though the Lightfoot gang is framing Attaway for this supply. The Brewers have taken care of what’s come into our possession so far, and it’s dangerous stuff from what I hear. A plan is in place to alert area speakeasies and breweries. Maybe we can all agree on something; only one way to find out.

Finally, the Tinkers have been doing a swell job keeping things running in the cold. This wasn't the Greenest of Galas but they dispatched some pesky elementals in the furnace room and managed to get our alarm system back online... only to find kelpies got into the tunnel entrance. The damage is significant, but it seems we’ve got some new routes opening up; things always shift down there. You know the old adage: when one tunnel closes, another opens.

The weekly inspection went smoothly. All signs point to our cover as a water treatment facility being firmly under control for now.

Signing off - Rosie said there’s some cake left and I’d fight Nicky Knox (without being brewed!) for the last piece if I had to.

-- Fitz

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