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What's new for Event 2?

The rules and supporting materials for Attaway are living documents. We've made some small changes to the Policy and Systems docs since Event 1, as well as adding some content to the Lore document, so we thought it would be helpful to provide a quick roundup of what's new.

(We have not made any changes to the Market or Crafting books.)

If you ever want to see if any changes have been made to a source document, check the Update Log section. You'll find it towards the beginning of each book.


Policy Updates:

Rollover policies: As of 4.29.2018, we cannot roll admission forward to future events. If you can’t attend an event you've already registered for, we would be happy to count your admission fee as a cash donation towards the next event you attend (i.e., your character will receive +500 IMPs at checkin and another $25 will roll into the Community Bonus pool. See Donations & Rewards for more details).

The reason for this change is that we have to book campsites at least 6 months in advance (and campsite rental is the single biggest dollar cost of running Attaway!), so we rely on the revenue from each season's admission in order to put the deposit down for next season's events. Admission rollovers make the cash situation harder for staff to manage.

Remember, if the admission fee for game ever represents a hardship, we encourage you to reach out to to take advantage of our Pay-What-You-Can program.

System Updates :

Clarified that talking to a Grower with the skill Sweet Swords & Sutures is required to recover from use of a Coping Mechanism.

Lore Updates:

Added to the "Family, Gender, Race, and Immigration" section:

Honorifics and Forms of Address

A new section has been created: The Brightborough Economy! The IMPs lore fragment and price lists have been rolled up into this new section, as well as NEW content!

The Brightborough Economy Taxation and City Funding Banking and Finance Labor Laws

New content has been added to the Political Parties section:

Party Colors

Authority Bloc: white & purple Liberty Bloc: brown & green Bright Futures Bloc: yellow & blue

A NEW section has been added: Colloquial Gestures of Attaway

Colloquial Gestures of Attaway

The people of Brightborough and Attaway have a rich lexicon of hand gestures that they use in everyday conversation. These gestures don't have a single cultural origin, but are actually the accumulated conversational gestures inherited from the many different cultures that came together to form the community of Brightborough centuries ago. Click the giant blue link above to see these gestures in GIF form!

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