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E2: Fitz's Report

E2 Recap and Reminders

Hi all!

Thank you all for coming out to Attaway E2, and for your patience in waiting for Fitz’s report! Before we get to the report, Staff wants to remind players of a few things!

Modern Food Packaging

Per our rulebook, if you are bringing food with you, out of courtesy to fellow players, please remove it from packaging with obvious modern brands before bringing it into play space. If you need a bowl or cup, Rosie can help you out up in the kitchen.

Harassment Report Process

We want to remind players we have a form and policies in place to make sure players feel safe at our events. If players or NPCs have concerns, please use the Staff email ( or report form located on the “Player Resources” tab of this website. Please use these avenues exclusively and do not contact Staff on their private accounts regarding these matters.

Languages and County References in Attaway

Attaway does not take place in the real world. Since it is a diasporic region with some thematic parallels to the real world, you’re welcome to use accents as long as they are respectful, but references to real world countries and languages blur the line between the in-game and out-of-game world.

For the sake of limiting the world scope of the game to a manageable region, all of your characters are from the Brightborough area. The “common language” can most certainly be peppered with expressions from languages in the “old empire,” but we encourage you to take agency to creatively rename those languages.

Your character’s ancestry may trace back to those “old countries,” and we’re happy to help you come up with a creative in-world name of where that might be, but as per our established lore those places haven’t existed as unique countries for over a hundred years and we won’t be able to run story related to it.

If you have questions or want to workshop this further, Staff is happy to help!

The Circus in Brightborough

The circus in Brightborough is unfortunately not the Cirque du Soleil or Ringling Bros. of our childhoods or of cinema. The circus in our game world is exploitative of its Gifted workers and only lucrative for the organizers. Many Gifted find work as “carnival freaks” or are sent away to that life, left with low pay and poor conditions; this harsh reality goes largely unseen by the rest of Brightborough society. Anyone who comes from the circus doesn’t remember their time there fondly.

Staff may run plot in the future that confronts this aspect of Brightborough but Staff wants to be clear on how the circus fits into the greater world narrative so we can all be on the same page.

And now, on to the fun part!


Fluxday Weekend Report

Charlie Fitzroy, Reporting Dispatcher

Days Since Last Injury: 5

Public Perception of Brew: Speakeasy attendance holds steady and Brew orders were consistent with past Fluxday orders. Word of this “bad brew” is getting around to speakeasy owners but unclear of how aware the general public is of the stuff.

Public Perception of Gifted: Positive responses from the general public to the peaceful resolution at the Fitzgibbon Shoe Factory protest. We’ll see how much things change, but progress is likely to be slow.

Police Chief’s Tolerance of Attaway’s Existence: High, though there have been more frequent sightings of other officers who are less tolerant of our activity in the area around the Still.

Wildehall Activity: Fae sightings and angry kelpies continue to be an issue. Fae reportedly trying to kidnap people as “pets.” Please use caution and travel with a companion when crossing the Wildehalls for any reason.


Welcome to your holiday report from your favorite victim of the Lightfoot gang’s aggression! (Yes Audrey, I am sitting in my office reading Mr. Wonder’s cartoons and definitely not trying to do anything strenuous.) This report is a little late because the Growers wouldn’t let me use the typewriter so please take this as a sign that I am still living and the Lightfoot gang needs to try a little harder next time.

My reporting shift started by having to run damage control with the University Student Union owner, Vivian Olive. Thanks to the help of some new hands at the Still, we uncovered that the bad Brew didn’t come from the Lightfoot gang like we thought, but rather from a student and a professor; these newcomers also pieced together that the same student and professor would be attending the weekend’s Fluxday festivities at the University. I sent Cole Marsh to run a Brew dropoff the same night but it seems like he can’t even make a milk run without getting his nose into trouble. That team found a dead body at the drop point which turned out to be a Lightfoot which seemed to have been killed by a wendigo at first glance. The Growers led an autopsy with the help of the other families, determining the victim was actually killed by other humans copying the wendigo’s style. A third team delivering to the Wharves ran into angry kelpies still swarming the tunnels.

I received no reports of any Elementals causing trouble in the Still like last month, so clearly the Brewers are doing a great job keeping things locked down in the brewery.

The Lightfoot gang is attempting to make moves into the city and now a large number of them seem to be hopped up on the bad stuff, so we should keep vigilant about any suspicious activity on our runs. They even barricaded up an alley, which we cleared quickly and efficiently (despite me catching a bullet in the process), but they’re still out there and still trying to frame us. Our Runners have managed to control the damage so far but this development can’t be good.

Morgan Flux made their presence known to our community and graciously presided over our Tinkers’ gifts of tokens for the new year. At the Fluxday parties that evening, we located the student and professor responsible for the bad Brew, and planned to dump the rest and meet the professor in his lab afterward.

We arranged two runs on Sunday morning to take care of the Brew and one to follow up on a lead about missing Gifted. Our student contact helped the first team secure the surplus Brew and managed to evade the Lightfoots and the police before dumping it into an empty ravine in the Wildehalls. The professor led the second team to his private offices to recover and destroy his notes but the Lightfoots must have been watching the place because a swarm of Brewed-up Lightfoots hit the place hard. Thankfully everyone left in one piece. The coroner’s office turned up some information about bones but it was over my head; you’ll have to ask a Grower about it. Finally, we got some clarity on this whole bad Brew business from the professor. It turns out he and his student were trying to make some kind of Brew to tone down a Gifted’s powers for a day so they could fit in easier. I guess it makes sense - him and his student are Gifted themselves. But in the process of making the stuff it ended up turning people all wrong like these Lightfoots we’ve seen. The professor, Glass, says he tried to get rid of it and Lightfoots in disguise bought it off him. He thinks we got rid of the rest of his supply but he’s worried the Lightfoots could figure out how to make more. I guess only time will tell.


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