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E3: Fitz's Report

Hello Attaway!

Another event, another Report from Fitz, but before we get to that, some announcements!

Event dates

--E4 is not yet booked, but we are working on dates as quickly as we can.

In-game, This will take place in LOW TOWN and will be KULVIR’S DAY

--Winter feast is not yet booked, but we are working on dates as quickly as we can. In-game, location TBD

--E5 (Spring 1) is May 17-19 at Camp Dennison, In Game, this is back at Attaway

--E6 (Spring 2) is June 21-23 at Camp Dennison, In Game, this is back at Attaway

Site Layout

With a shiny new brewery building, we will also be shaking up the layout of site. This is not only for narrative reasons, but also by request of the Camp Director, who would like us and other games to reduce traffic around the kitchen stairs for a variety of reasons.

If you were familiar with Second Dawn’s Layout, you’ll feel right at home, and if you weren't, we promise this is a tried and true layout that lets you use more of the site. We'll have more information on the layout as we get closer to Spring.

Timing Runs & Sharing plot

It has come to our attention that there was a bit of unevenness in terms of who was able to go on runs this event, and we wanted to address a couple things.

Runs, (or “mods” at other LARPs), are always a tricky thing to get perfect, and we’re doing our best to experiment with the best way to run them at our game to get everyone involved. This event, our experiments weren’t perfect.

Part of this can be attributed to not having done a great job on our part clarifying how runs were to operate this event, and we’ll endeavor to make that clearer to everyone moving forward.

We’re happy to hear your feedback and will look across the last three events to try to find the best solution. We’ll be re-tooling hooking runs via radio, and if we continue to do so we will have some out of game documentation on what procedure to follow.

As general knowledge, we wanted to offer a couple ways as a player that you can help staff enable everyone to feel like a hero:

Timing: If a staffer calls in a run or arrives to gather players, we are doing so because we’ve got everyone involved in a scene staged, ready to go. We know you want to prepare items for what might lay ahead, but spending a lot of time doing so can throw off plot schedules for everyone. Please try to be courteous of staff and your fellow players in these instances!

Share the Stage: We also received reports that some people attended no runs while others participated in more than one.

Sometimes this happens by accident, (We’ve all been asleep when plot goes out without us-- it’s no fun, but it happens), but if you’ve already been on a run once in an event, please consider other players and allow them to have a chance before going back for seconds.

We know everything is exciting in the moment, but if this behavior continues knowingly, it is a violation of fair play. We’ll be looking into some ways to provide more structure to prevent this from happening accidentally as well.


Feast of Drowning Mary Weekend Report

With added Incident Report

Charlie Fitzroy, Reporting Dispatcher

Days Since Last Injury: 0

Public Perception of Brew: Speakeasy attendance down, but not dramatically-- concern over active prohibitionists, public knowledge of bad brew’s effects, and lightfoot activity.

Public Perception of Gifted: Working with the chief of police to resolve gifted matters is helpful, but we should keep an ear to the ground due to a reported assault on a Brightborough officer and increased incidents of violence.

Police Chief’s Tolerance of Attaway’s Existence: Downgraded to tolerable. The fallout of the fire will see whether we’re able to stay in her good graces, but the majority of our activity with the Lightfoot gang had little impact on civilians so we might be okay, for now.

Victor mentioned she may have to have some officers take reports about what happened at the still, for appearances sake. No word on when that might be.

Wildehall Activity: Agitated after the dumping of brew in the ravine. Fae and Troll activity up at a very high rate, and they don’t seem to like each other from the reports I have received.

A very intrepid group of individuals took down a wendigo threatening the gifted population. We have concerns it may not be the only one, but the wildehall has been quiet for at least a few nights.

Incident Report: at 11:30 AM the day after the feast of Marystide, the leader of the Lightfoot gang, known as Ingrid, breached the perimeter of Attaway, bypassed alarms, and entered the brewery. After evidently setting off alarms to gain our attention, she tipped a barrel of Fireman’s fancy and ignited the brewery.

Everyone made it out, and due to the excellent work of our grower population there are no casualties.

We are moving the inhabitants closest to the still to public housing in Low Town until we can ensure the “water treatment plant” is repaired and adequate protection is restored to our tunnel system. Our work doesn’t stop here, however, as we’ll need to convince someone to help us pay for the repairs.


Overall, we have done well to disrupt the Lightfoot gang’s operations with our activity this feast weekend. Enough to get noticed, at least-- we’ve got a long road ahead to take them out, and not a lot of time to decide how. Thankfully, we managed to pass a surprise inspection before the brewery caught fire, so our cover is safe for now and we should have a much easier time rebuilding than if our cover was blown. By the good grace of the patrons, we’ll figure it all out, but until that time we stay vigilant and rebuild.

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