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New Layout & Player-Run Holidays

Greetings all, and happy anniversary of our first event!

Thank you all for a warm and wonderful Amostide event! We’ve had so many volunteers reach out and say how welcoming this community is, and we’re so excited to bring you season two of Attaway!

As we brave these cold winter/spring months leading up to our second Fridastide together, I wanted to share some small changes to set the scene, pull back the curtain on staff decisions, and build some hype.

We’ve got a lot of season 2 announcements and Fitz’s report for the last two events, so we’re going to break it down into bite size bits to get you through the next two months!

New site layout

Attaway Map

This spring we’ll be working with a new site layout. This is partly from requests from the camp manager to reduce foot traffic around his apartment, and also partly to allow you to use more of the campsite space outdoors. If you played Second Dawn, it will feel very familiar. If you didn’t, here's the map! (it should look familiar-- this was our initial site layout before the snowstorm of E1!)

This layout is certainly new to your characters as well. You can consider spring 1 as the first time you’ve been back to the still since the fire. (unless you imagine you helped with the rebuilding process)

The Mini mod building (Nature Building) is now the Community house. There will be a room dedicated to decompression in there, (last we checked it’s got a comfy spot to sit or lay down!), and you can make use of the picnic tables and fire pit as player space. There’s a trail that leads from that area down to the gilded lantern, which you are welcome to use if you haven’t already (and it’s beautiful in the early morning!)

The Old community house is now staff center, which will include logistics, costumes, and staff sleeping area.

The old staff sleeping area is now the mini mod, and will continue to be a staff sleeping area, but may require moving sleeping bags during the day.

The mod hall stays the same.

Dinner will happen family-dinner-style in the mod hall more often (think last Marystide!), as a way to get everyone together in one place and make delivering food easier on Amanda!

Ingame holidays and this season’s narrative structure

the wheel of the year... backwards?

Last season, we centered each event around the celebration of a holiday in Brightborough, as a way to build knowledge about the city and build understanding around how the city relates to their patrons. This year, we want to put those celebrations in player hands, so we can continue to expand the stories we are telling.

If you’re a player who’s interested in spearheading a celebration for any of the holidays, please let us know! We can support you with resources, NPCs, any writing help you need, and timing.

Green Gala-- The rise of the patrons passion play (we have the text for this available)

Fluxtide-- Fluxtide masked parties, the burning of tokens of innovation

Marystide-- Brining ceremonies

Kulvirstide- Party, gift exchange

We’ll open #player-holidays for player planning on the slack group!

That’s it for now-- stay tuned for more!

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